Edelbrock Pro-Flo® Replacement Air Filters

Edelbrock Pro-Flo Replacement Air Filters are designed to deliver the right balance of filtration with limited restriction. They feature a synthetic media that delivers the right balance of clean air with the least amount of restriction. They are made from a washable and reusable dry design that does not require oiling after cleaning. This combination makes them easier to use and maintain compared to cotton gauze air filters that depend on the right amount oil for proper filtration, without over oiling and fouling the MAF sensor.

Edelbrock Replacement Air Filters are constructed from a poly synthetic media that delivers improved filtration and performance over paper air filters. The high quality steel wire mesh protects the filter media while providing strength to ensure the filter keeps its shape. They also feature a precision molded rubber edge that provides strength as well as making a perfect fit, with a tight seal, on OEM air filter boxes.

Modern vehicles require modern technology like the Edelbrock Pro-Flo air filter. Disposable paper air filters have been in use for over 100 years and cotton gauze air filters for over 45 years. An air filter is the easiest upgrade, it only takes seconds, and will improve your engines performance. When you factor maintenance costs of cotton gauze air filters and the frequency of replacement with paper air filters... an Edelbrock Pro-Flo filter is the most economical and easy to maintain solution for your engine.

    Features Include:
  • High flow poly synthetic media for improved performance over paper media designs
  • Features a "dry" media - No need to re-oil after washing, reducing the potential for over oiling and damaging the MAF (Mass Air Flow) sensor
  • Reduced cost of ownership and easier to maintain when compared to cotton gauzes designs... no need for oil
  • Direct fit replacement in OEM air boxes
  • 100% washable and reusable synthetic media for a quicker drying time - Simply clean with soap and water
  • Designed to last over 6-times longer then low cost disposable paper filters
  • Round, panel and conical designs available for many popular car, truck and SUV applications
Pro-Flo Replacement Air Filters by Edelbrock

Type Size (Length x Width x Depth) Part #
Panel 11" x 6.60" x 1.26" 22900
Conical 8.08" x 8.08" x 7.65" 22901
Round 11.75" x 11.75" x 3.25" 22902
Panel 12.31" x 9.75" x 1.39" 22903
Panel 13.55" x 6.66" x 1.30" 22904
Panel 10.61" x 7.91" x 1.08" 22905
Panel 11.56" x 6" x 1.29" 22906
Panel 9" x 7.75" x 1.20" 22907
Panel 9.57" x 7.27" x 1.20" 22908
Panel 12.89" x 5.85" x 1.25" 22909
Type Size (Length x Width x Depth) Part #
Panel 10.81" x 5.30" x 1.12" 22910
Panel 7.66" x 6.17" x 1.19" 22911
Panel 9.28" x 8.46" x 1.15" 22912
Panel 12.17" x 7.32" x 1.14" 22913
Panel 9.90" x 7.20" x 0.93" 22914
Panel 11.45" x 9.69" x 0.96" 22915
Panel 11.32" x 8.51" x 0.93" 22916
Panel 11.24" x 7.60" x 1.11" 22917
Panel 11.17" x 6.13" x 1.06" 22918
Panel 12.74" x 7.72" x 1.16" 22919

Edelbrock Tech Note TECH NOTES: Most automotive manufacturers recommend replacing your air filter between 15,000 and 30,000 miles, depending on the driving conditions. If you regularly drive on unpaved roads or in a dusty environment, then it should be changed more often. Even if this isn't the case, you should replace your air filter at least every 3 years, because the paper media will breakdown, reducing its filtration effectiveness. Edelbrock Pro-Flo Replacement Air Filters are designed to last for the lifetime of the vehicle, if properly maintained. The ease of maintenance and cost make them the right choice for your engineā€¦ and the last filter you should need!