Edelbrock Performance Ford Throttle Bodies

1986-95 FORD 5.0L MUSTANGS
Street legal for late-model 5.0L Ford Mustangs. 65mm size is ideal for stock manifolds. 70mm is the optimum choice for the Performer 5.0/Performer RPM 5.0 EFI intake and The Total Power Package (70mm gained 10 hp over stock throttle body). 75mm is intended for more radical engine combinations and requires port matching to fit most manifolds. 1986-93 throttle bodies must be used with matching EGR Plates. Gaskets are included. 50-state street legal.
1986-95 Ford 5.0L Mustangs Throttle Bodies by Edelbrock
Application Emissions 65mm 70mm 75mm
1986-93 5.0L Mustang Throttle Body and EGR Plates 3824/3827 3825/3828 3826/3829
Replacement Gasket Sets - 3830 3830 3831
1994-95 5.0L Mustang (Throttle body only, use adapter #3835.) - 3845 -

Designed for 1996-03 Mustang GT, 1991-95 cars, 1997-03 F-150, F-250, Navigator, Mountaineer, Blackwood, Expedition and Excursion equipped with modular 4.6/5.4L V8. Add 6-8 hp with great throttle response. 50-state street legal.
4.6/5.4L Ford Mustang, F-150, Passenger Car, Truck & SUV Throttle Bodies by Edelbrock
Application Emissions Part #
70mm Throttle Body for 1996-03 4.6L Mustangs 3871
75mm Throttle Body for 1996-03 4.6L Mustangs 3872

Based on our 5.0L Mustang throttle bodies, the Victor 70mm and 75mm race throttle bodies can be easily adapted to a wide variety of applications. We eliminated the idle air motor mount and all unnecessary vacuum tubes, making these throttle bodies especially well suited for boosted applications. The throttle arm has a cable wheel with multiple take-off points. They are cast and fully machined by Edelbrock, then assembled by Magneti Marelli USA and come complete and ready to run with a throttle position sensor installed and pre-set. These throttle bodies can be adapted to a number of applications using our 1/2" thick spacer/adapters. Intake port matching will be required.
Victor 5.0L Throttle Bodies by Edelbrock
Application Emissions Part #
70mm Throttle Body (629 cfm) 3811
70mm Spacer/Adapter for Honda and Acura 38112
75mm Spacer/Adapter for Honda and Acura 38122
70mm Universal Spacer/Adapter (undrilled) 38113
75mm Universal Spacer/Adapter (undrilled) 38123

These adapters are required to install Edelbrock 5.0L manifolds #3821/#7123 on 1994-95 Mustangs. They must be used with Edelbrock 65mm, 70mm or stock throttle bodies. The powder-coating is the same titanium gray used on the Performer 5.0L and Performer RPM II 5.0L manifolds are black for a matched set. #3821/#3835 are stock replacement and 50-state street legal for 1994-95 5.0L engines.
Throttle Body Adapters for Mustang by Edelbrock
Application Emissions Satin Black
1994-95 Mustang Throttle Body Adapter for Edelbrock 5.0L manifolds #3821 & #7126 3835 38353
1994-95 Mustang EGR Supply Spacer for #7123 (use with #3835) 8025

The following guide is designed to help you determine which Edelbrock components are legal for use on your vehicle. Learn more about Edelbrock Product Emissions Guide.

    50-State Legal
    For Racing Use ONLY
    For Use on Pre-Pollution Controlled Vehicles (PPCV)
    Stock Replacement Part
    Engine Swaps