Max-Fire® Distributors and Accessories

These Max-Fire distributors are ready to run right out-of-the-box and are the perfect upgrade for your ignition system. They’re ideal for replacing or upgrading from a points triggered distributor. They feature precision machining for a perfect fit along with a simple three wire hook up for an easy installation with no need to run an external ignition control box. The centerless ground shaft utilizes an upper sealed roller bearing with an extra long lower bronze Oil-Lite bushing for smooth operation. The high output magnetic pickup and large paddle wheel reluctor deliver a strong trigger signal at high RPM for maximum performance. All of these features allow Max-Fire distributors to provide unrivaled voltage to the coil, ensuring that you’re getting maximum performance from your engine. We recommend a new Max-Fire coil for maximum voltage output, ensuring you get the most from your high performance engine at higher RPM’s. Each distributor includes a cap, rotor, retainer and mechanical advance curve kit.

  • CNC machined from 6061-T6 aluminum with O-ring grooves for use in a fully machined engine block
  • Cap and rotor are molded in high quality 30% glass filled polyester for durability and carbon tracking resistance
  • Features brass contacts and a stainless steel rotor spring for maximum conductivity
  • Hardened iron drive gear ensures long service life
  • Fully adjustable mechanical and vacuum advance for increased mileage potential
Max-Fire Distributors by Edelbrock
Application Emissions Part #
AMC/Jeep 290-401 V8 22765
Buick 215-350 V8 (1961-1980) 22759
Cadillac 1968-84 V8 (425, 368, 472 & 500) 22753
Chevy 262-502 V8 with Fixed Collar (except Tall deck blocks and 348/409) 22750
Chrysler 273-318-340-360 V8 (LA) 22761
Chrysler 413-426-440 V8 (tall deck or RB) 22762
Ford 260-289-302 V8 22755
Ford 351C V8 22756
Oldsmobile 260-455 V8 22764
Pontiac 326-455 V8 22754

These Max-Fire coils are ideal for high performance vehicles that have been converted to a electronic breakerless distributor, where a traditional oil filled can-style coil is preferred for the correct classic appearance. Designed with optimized winding for use with ready-to-run distributors and 6 Series CD ignition control boxes. Engineered for high output resulting in quicker starts, improved throttle response and more power at higher RPM.
Max-Fire Electronic Oil Filled Coils by Edelbrock
Application Emissions Part #
Electronic Oil Filled Ignition Coil with Chrome Finish (0.45 PR) 22740
Electronic Oil Filled Ignition Coil with Red Finish (0.45 PR) 22741

This universal coil is designed to work specifically with the high output inductive storage ignition module in the ready to run distributors. It features heavy gauge windings that are engineered to ensure maximum power at higher RPM levels. A molded housing of glass reinforced polyester and high temperature epoxy encapsulation resists shock and vibration while providing excellent thermal conductivity. The brass contacts ensure maximum conductivity, while the male tower offers superior boot/terminal retention and protecting from arch over. This is compatible for use with 6 Series CD ignition systems.
Max-Fire Universal High Output Dome Style Ignition Coil by Edelbrock
Application Emissions Part #
Universal High Output Dome Style Ignition Coil with Red Finish 22742

This Max-Fire Coil-In-Cap design is for use with GM HEI coil in-cap distributors with red and yellow primary wires. This coil is perfect for use with high performance engines requiring maximum voltage. Designed to work with aftermarket performance 4-pin modules and high performance electronic controls. Features optimized resistance levels to match the high amperage dwell circuits of performance ignition modules. The result, is a faster charge and full coil saturation at higher RPM levels. Also features a high temperature epoxy that resists shock and vibration while providing excellent thermal conductivity while ensuring long service life. Includes an installation hardware kit.
Max-Fire HEI Coil-In-Cap by Edelbrock
Application Emissions Part #
HEI Coil-In-Cap 22743

This Max-Fire LS Coil Pack is designed for use with 1997-2013 GM Gen III & IV LS engines. It features a high output design that delivers up to 11% more voltage and 19% more energy over a stock coil. It’s ideal for use with supercharged, turbo, nitrous or E85 fueled engines.
Max-Fire LS Coil Pack by Edelbrock
Application Emissions Part #
LS Coil Pack 22745

Download a printer friendly Warranty and Installation PDF (you will need Acrobat Reader® in order to view this PDF). If you do not have this installed you can download it by clicking the icon.
Installation Instructions for Max-Fire® Ignition