Edelbrock, LLC Internship Program

Edelbrock, LLC Internship Opportunities
Edelbrock offers an exciting internship experience for exceptional students. The internship program enhances academic studies with hands-on experience in a professional setting, and engages students with the Executive staff as well as industry professionals. Our programs are designed to provide students with practical work experience and the opportunity to complement their formal education with career-related experience. Edelbrock aims to be the employer of choice the Aftermarket Automotive Industry. There are currently NO internship positions available. Please check back soon!

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Internship Opportunities Available:
  • Manufacturing
  • Purchasing & Procurement
  • Finance
  • Research & Development (R&D)
  • Sales & Customer Service
  • Advertising
Internship Program Includes:
  • Challenging assignments within a professional environment.
  • Interaction with management.
  • Intern seminar series with speakers and leadership activities; and a final presentation and networking event with industry professionals.
  • Month to month programs consist of:
    - Full & Part-time
    - Paid & Unpaid
    - Credit & Non-Credit

Edelbrock has designed its programs to accommodate the needs of its business as well as the student's schedules. We have three structures available:

  1. Parallel Plan: Students both attend classes and work during the day.
  2. Evening Plan: Students attend school in the evening and work during the day.
  3. Alternate Plan / Co-op: Students attend school full-time one semester, or two quarters, then work full-time the next semester, thus alternating periods of work and school until their college programs are completed.
Application Process:
  1. All Interns must apply for the available position.
  2. Fill out the attached application form. Send your application and resumes to the Edelbrock's Human Resources Department.
  3. Email: InternProgram@edelbrock.com or fax to (310) 972-2735 attention MY-Internship.
  4. All applications will be evaluated.
  5. If your application meets the internship criteria.
  6. You will be contacted for an interview and be placed appropriately.

Note: All offers are subject to the successful completion of a routine background and drug screen.

Orientation Process:

All Interns are required to complete a "New Hire Orientation Documentation Packet" that will be provided to you upon being hired.

During your orientation, you and your Manager will be required to fill out a Letter of Agreement that confirms the responsibilities of the company, the student intern and the faculty coordinator.

Your "Orientation Period" is three (3) consecutive months following the commencement of employment. During this period you will learn about the objectives, history and nature of our organization as well as the requirements of the work they will be performing. During this same period, we will have an opportunity to observe your skills, abilities, attitudes and potential. If it is determined an employee's employment will not be beneficial to the Company, the Company does have the right during this period and at any time during employment to terminate the employment relationship with or without notice and with or without cause in accordance with the "At will" status of the employment relationship. Additional information about the company's orientation period will be provided to you at the time of your new hire orientation.

Exit Interview:

An exit interview with the intern will be conducted by the immediate Manager and the Human Resource Manager. During the exit interview we will want to gain the interns perspective on the program, solicit honest feedback and provide valuable feedback.