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WyoTech Announces Winner of 4th Annual
Vic Edelbrock Sr. Memorial Scholarship

Vic Edelbrock Jr. and Edelbrock Corporation place the highest values on continuing education and dedication to the automotive aftermarket industry. This commitment and dedication is what has inspired Vic to honor his late father, Vic Edelbrock Sr., through a generous $5,500.00 WyoTech scholarship contribution. On behalf of Edelbrock Corporation and in honor of his late father, Vic Edelbrock Jr. is pleased to announce that Travis Miller is the recipient of the fourth annual Vic Edelbrock Sr. Memorial Scholarship. Vic presented the award to Travis on Friday September 28, 2007 at the Laramie, Wyoming campus of WyoTech.

Travis Miller, a National Technical Honor Society inductee, is proud to be the recipient of such an honor. Travis plans to use this gracious reward as a way to further his education through WyoTech's high performance engine class as well as expand his curriculum into other areas that will help him set the stage as a future small business owner of his own performance vehicle shop. "I believe WyoTech's high performance engine class has been a large accomplishment for me and has increased my knowledge in this area".

"This school, this program and the dedication from the students is truly an amazing sight to see", stated Vic Edelbrock. "The ability to work with your hands on a technical level and understand the value of a good education is a balance that WyoTech brings to our skilled workers of tomorrow. Back when I was learning under my father, there was no WyoTech or secondary education institutions to become an automotive professional. WyoTech ensures a bright future in the automotive aftermarket to young men and women alike".

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