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Big-Block Chrysler Head Bolt Kit

Edelbrock E-Series Cylinder Head Bolt Kit #85912 for Chrysler big-block

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Edelbrock E-Series Cylinder Head Bolt Kit #85512 for Chevy big-block engines

Edelbrock E-Series Cylinder Head Bolt Kit #85922 for Chrysler big-block

Edelbrock #85922 is a Head Bolt Kit for Big-Block Chrysler Engines with Victor #77929 and #77949 Cylinder Heads. This kit contains a complete set of Head Bolts & Washers for a pair of heads.
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Edelbrock E-Series Cylinder Head Bolt Kit #85922 is specially designed for use with Chrysler big-block engines equipped with our #77929 and #77949 Victor cylinder heads. This kit contains 10 bolts that are longer than stock and replaces the bolts in the center of each head. This allows the intake ports to gain the height needed to accommodate longer valves. All necessary bolts and washers are included to install one set of heads. E-Series bolts have a yield tensile strength of 190,000 PSI for strong and reliable loading with generous filleting throughout to eliminate stress risers. Bolt threads are rolled after heat-treating for superior form and strength, while a small hex head provides extra space for socket clearance in tight situations. E-Series Cylinder Head Bolts have a durable black oxide finish with sealer and come with the distinctive Edelbrock “E” stamped into the head.
More Information
Manufacturer Edelbrock
Application Application Specific
UPC 00085347859221
Quantity Kit
Thread Type Coarse
Thread Diameter 0.4375 in
Minimum Length 1.75 in
Availability Note Available to Order
Warranty 12 Months
Emissions Code N/A
Hazardous Materials Warning WARNING: This product can expose you to Chromium, which is known to the State of California to cause cancer or birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information, visit
Installation Notes
  • The Edelbrock #85922 is made specifically for big block Chrysler with Victor series cylinder heads; Installation is the same as for original equipment cylinder heads. Consult service manual for specific procedures, if necessary.; Be sure that the surface of the block and the surface of the head are thoroughly cleaned to remove any oily film before installation.; Use alcohol or lacquer thinner on a lint-free rag to clean. Apply oil or suitable thread lubricant to head bolt threads and the underside of bolt heads and washers.; Torque to 70 ft./lbs. in three steps (40, 55, 70) following the factory tightening sequence.; Apply a continuous 1/8" bead of automotive RTV silicone sealer to end sealing surfaces on block and along bottom of intake ports on cylinder head. Also, apply a thin bead of sealer around intake ports on cylinder head and gasket.; Position intake gasket thin valley cover in place and tighten bolts down. Then, place intake manifold in position and torque manifold bolts to 25 ft. lbs.; Rocker shaft hold-down studs, nuts and washers, for 2 places marked (S) in each head, are supplied in this kit.; Double nut both studs and screw them in until they reach the bottom. Install rocker shaft, factory concave washer and hard washer supplied with this kit.; Apply 30W oil to fine threads and under nuts and washers and torque nuts to 25 ft./lbs. A head bolt re-torque is recommended after initial start-up and cool-down (allow 2-3 hours for adequate cooling).
Finish Black Oxide
Length (24) 1.75 in, (10) 4.50 in
Material Chromoly