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Edelbrock Installation and Tech Videos

Edelbrock Installation and Tech Videos

Navigation in the Edelbrock Installation and Tech Videos is easy. Simply click play on the video that you would like to watch! Please be sure to note ALL recommended installation items when preparing for your install. For assistance, please call our Tech Line 800 999 0853.

Adjusting Guide Plates on S/B Chevy Cylinder Heads

Performer and Thunder Series AVS Carburetors

Installation: Before You Start
Installation: Removing Old Carb
Installation: Part 1

Installation: Part 2
Installation: Part 3
Installation: Part 4

Installation: Additional Tuning
Tuning: Idle/Mixture Screws Don't Work
Tuning: Fast Idle Adjustment

Tuning: Vacuum Leaks
Tuning: Runs Poor Under Load
Tuning: Seeing or Smelling Gas

Tuning: Erratic Idle
Tuning: Excessive High Idle
Tuning: Auto Trans Not Shifting

Tuning: Hesitation and Stumbling
Tuning: Poor Performance
Tuning: Off-Idle Surging


Download the printer friendly Carburetor Owners Manual (you will need Acrobat Reader® in order to view this PDF). If you do not have this installed you can download it by clicking the icon.