EZ-EFI Fuel Multi-Port Retro-Fit Kit

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Allows owners of existing factory or aftermarket multi-port fuel injected applications to experience the benefits of an EZ-EFI® Fuel system with no limit on horsepower because the system is based on each customer's supplied injectors. The kit comes with everyting needed to convert factory or aftermarket EFI systems into a complete FAST® EZ-EFI® Fuel system.

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Add Proven, Self Tuning EZ-EFI® To Existing OE or Aftermarket Multi-Port EFI Engines; GM TPI, Ford 5.0L & More

The wiring harness is completely pre-wired and labeled for a simple installation.  It includes connectors for early style GM sensors (coolant temp, air temp, TPS, MAP and IAC) such as those found on a GM Tuned Port engine.  All of these sensors are available from fast individually or in kit form.  fast also offers a Ford style TPS that is directly compatible with the harness.  Or the harness can be modified to accept any 0-5V TPS.  The rest of the sensors need to be GM style parts. Wiring adapters are available from fast to accommodate a later style GM TPS (round, 3 pin connector) or IAC (in-line, 4 pin connector).  Also available are a remote mounted IAC kit and an adapter for installing an early GM IAC on a Ford throttle body.  

The harness is wired for eight traditional “Minitimer” style injectors.  Injector adapters or connector kits are available from fast to adapt the harness to newer “USCAR” style injectors.  The EZ-EFI® system must be used with high impedance injectors.  A wide range of high impedance injectors are available from fast.

The EZ-EFI® system must be used with a vacuum referenced fuel pressure regulator.  Returnless fuel systems can not be used.  fast offers an adjustable regulator that is ideally suited for use with EZ-EFI®.  Various fuel system kits are also available. 


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Sensor Kit; Ford (CTS, ATS, MAP, Ford TPS)*Idle Air Control Motor – GM LT1
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Air Temp Sensor*Remote IAC Valve Adapter w/ Filter (includes 307014)*
Throttle Position Sensor – Ford*IAC Housing - Adapts Ford to GM (use with 307014)
Throttle Position Sensor – GM TPI*IAC Adapter Harness – Early to Late GM
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TPS Adapter Harness – Early to Late GMUSCAR Injector Connector Kit
Manifold Pressure Sensor – GM 1 Bar*Injector Adapter; USCAR-to-Minitimer

 *Directly compatible with the Multi-Port EZ-EFI® wiring harness without adapters, modifications, etc.



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Manufacturer FAST™
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