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High Energy Hydraulic Flat Lifter Set of 8 for Chevrolet 153 C.I. 4 Cylinder

Not all hydraulic lifters are created equal! The use of High Energy™Hydraulic Lifters give you advantages not found in other brands of lifters.

Our lifters have a patented constant orifice metering valve thatprecisely meters oil to the rocker arms. Continuous contact between themetering valve and the precisely coined bottom surface of the pushrodseat is maintained throughout the engine’s rpm range, therefore eliminatingexcessive oiling at high speeds.

The pushrod seat is made of a special powdered metal iron alloy andheat-treated for strength and wear resistance.

COMP Cams® High Energy™ Hydraulic Lifters are produced with alonger piston than conventional hydraulic lifters. The extra length ismade possible from a counter-bored pushrod seat position. The longerpiston is produced with through-hardened steel that provides more loadbearing surface and increased lifter longevity.

High Energy Lifters™ have a lightweight check valve disc that allowsfor quicker response. This results in increases in engine speed beforevalve float. This check valve also maintains added control at all enginespeeds and loads. Increases in engine speed can be attributed to thisquicker response check valve.

Tech Tip

It is not necessary to “pre-pump” hydraulic lifters full of engine oil prior to installation and valve adjustment. It is actually undesirable to do so as the “pumped up” lifters will cause the valves to open during the adjustment process, rather than positioning the valve lifter plunger in its operating position as it is supposed to do. “Pre-soaking” hydraulic lifters in a bath of engine oil is a good idea, but it is not mandatory. It does ensure that the lifters are adequately lubricated on their outer surfaces prior to installation in the engine. It may also result in a quieter engine start up as the oil in the bath may displace some air from the lifter’s plunger reservoir.

More Information
UPC 036584077923
Manufacturer COMP Cams®
Emissions Code N/A
Lifter Type Hydraulic Flat Tappet
Lifter Series High Energy
Lifter Weight 94
Lifter Seat Height 1.99