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Edelbrock Research & Development


Edelbrock produces its USA-made core products in world-class manufacturing facilities using state-of-the-art equipment, such as the Siemens NX7 design suite, Computational Fluid Dynamic (CFD) software, and the latest in 3D rapid prototyping. From its foundry to the machining process, every Edelbrock product undergoes extensive research, development, and real-world testing scenarios to instill confidence in racers and performance enthusiasts.

Edelbrock is a proud member of the Edelbrock Group™ family of brands, including COMP Cams®, FAST® (Fuel Air Spark Technology), TCI® Automotive, Russell® Performance and Lunati Power®, representing over 130 years of performance. Headquartered in Olive Branch, Mississippi, Edelbrock focuses on the future with more innovative parts, creating more opportunities for our customers to go fast. For more information about the Edelbrock Group or any partner brands, visit

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Our mission of “Driving the Future of Automotive Performance” can only be accomplished by the coming together of a diverse talented group of people who are centered on a commitment to exceptional quality, service and performance. If this sounds like something you want to be a part of, we invite you to apply today!

Edelbrock Research & Development

Edelbrock products start with an original thought or idea that then has to be translated into a working model. Our R&D staff is not only well qualified at their respective positions, but they're also automotive enthusiasts. Why is being an enthusiast so important? Because an enthusiast does more than work in the automotive aftermarket, they live it - and it's at that point where understanding the inner workings of a supercharger, or an engine, EFI system becomes second nature. They are constantly thinking of new and innovative ways of making a product that works better.

To aid them in bringing their passion to life, Edelbrock engineers have access to the most up-to-date tools such as the Siemens NX7 design suite, Computational Fluid Dynamic (CFD) software and the latest in 3D rapid prototyping. All these technologies combined allow our engineers to take a product from idea to reality in a shorter period of time, ensuring the product performs properly before ever producing a production part.

The R&D process improves the product while it's being developed, and is a true testament of the commitment to performance that goes into all of our products. Whether they're manifolds, superchargers, fuel injection systems, cylinder heads, nitrous systems, or carburetors, you can rest assured that the final product was directly influenced by the passion for performance that is an integral part of our Research and Development team.

Edelbrock Research & Development

When you design and sell the best-engineered performance products in the world, you have to have a rigorous testing program. Why? Without adequate testing, there's no way to stand behind your product with confidence. That's why every product we design and sell at Edelbrock is tested and approved by Edelbrock engineers in a real world environment on state-of-the-art equipment. Our three Super Flow computerized engine dynos are capable of measuring 11 separate engine variables up to speeds of 12,000 rpm. Our newly installed Super Flow SF902 engine dyno is fully automated and programmable. Equipped with WinDyn™ software, it allows us to simulate various driving situations, and is the very latest in simulation testing equipment.

Our Super Flow model SF-840 eddy-current chassis dyno also aids us in testing by allowing us to test in the car under simulated road conditions and can handle up to 1,000 hp at the wheels and speeds of 200 mph. But for real-world tuning and testing, there is no substitute for the real thing. Edelbrocks fleet of test vehicles are driven by Edelbrock engineers and employees to get a "real world" feeling for product improvements as well as product durability.

Our testing doesn't stop there. Professional race car teams and drivers are also a vital part of our performance and durability testing. Working with these talented individuals is just another extension of our research and development process. So when we say "proven performance" we really mean it! When all testing is completed, the results evaluated, and the part has passed all performance criteria, then, and only then, is the product deemed ready for production. These precise testing procedures are applied to the entire Edelbrock line for performance that's guaranteed.

Edelbrock Research & Development

In a day and age where we are seeing more products sent overseas to be manufactured, we at Edelbrock see value in the quality control of American manufacturing by American workers and we are proud of our casting and manufacturing facilities - all of which are located right here, in the USA. Edelbrock's performance aluminum parts take shape in the most modern high-tech foundries in the Western United States. The Edelbrock Foundries located in San Jacinto, California, prides itself on its quality and efficiency. The 185,000- sq/ft. complex is capable of producing over 3,000 castings a day.

With three automated molding lines, 26 core machines, a new state-of-the-art cold set core machine, and a self-contained sand handling system that is capable of processing 100 tons of sand per hour, the Edelbrock sand foundry produces some of the finest castings around. Computer-controlled pouring stations ensure that the molten metal is at the correct temperature and that the right amount of aluminum is used to ensure outstanding consistency and quality. Ultra-modern heat-treat and aging equipment is also a welcome addition to the new facility, further adding to Edelbrock's self-sufficiency, dedicated manufacturing and quality control of our products.

Edelbrock not only casts and finishes its own products with Made in USA quality, but can and has cast products for numerous clients such as New York Brake Company, a leader and innovator in train control products and systems.

Edelbrock Research & Development

Edelbrock uses the finest equipment for machining and quality control. With over 70 CNC machines and hundreds of dedicated men and women, the Edelbrock facilities have earned the world recognized ISO 9001:2008 registration for quality. Edelbrock manufactures more types of performance products than any other company and our employees ensure that they are the finest. All of Edelbrock's aluminum products, which include cylinder heads, water pumps, manifolds and throttle bodies, are machined by modern multi-axis machining centers, like our cylinder head machining cell that uses three Makino A88 4-Axis machines joined by an automated pallet loader. These remarkable cells are capable of machining a cylinder head from start to finish and have increased production as well as quality. Our Coordinate Measuring Machines (CMM) in the Edelbrock Quality Control department check all machined products ensuring the products meet strict tolerances.

We are continually reviewing and updating the equipment in all our manufacturing facilities to ensure that we remain state-of-the-art. These goals have served our customers well for over 80 years and will continue into the future.

Edelbrock Research & Development

Our State-of-the-Art Distribution Center (DC) is located in Olive Branch, Mississippi. A "real-time" inventory system downloads all orders to hand-held scanners for fast and efficient shipping of orders. With high ceilings, there's enough room for 6 levels of pallet racking packed full of Edelbrock Group products ready to be shipped all over the world.


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